Frequently Asked Questions About HID Headlights

If you’re currently in the market for new lights for your vehicle, you may have done a little bit of research and come across HID headlights. Whether you are attracted to their style or their brightness, HID headlights are a common topic of discussion amongst car enthusiasts. For those who are unaware of what they are and how you can find a HID kit, this guide will help you immensely.

What are HID’s?

Instead of explaining them as a standalone product, it is easier to grasp the idea of HID’s by comparing them to the traditional halogen headlights that are stock with your vehicle. Traditional halogen bulbs have wire filament that is surrounded by a gas. Once an electrical current is present within the filament, the lights glow. In comparison to these bulbs, HID Canada lights do not have filament, instead they have xenon gas, halide salts, and mercury. These ingredients work together when an electrical current is present to produce a much brighter light. The majority of HID’s are already installed on luxury vehicles.

Why Would I Install HID’s?

There are a numerous amount of reasons as to why you may want to consider finding HID lights and a HID kit for your car. Whether you are looking to amp up the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle or if you are looking to produce a brighter environment for your safety, the reasons are based on personal preference.

What Will I Get With HID Kits?

When you are looking to buy HID lights, you will generally want to purchase a kit as it allows you to easily install the bulbs. The main components that your kit should include are:

• 2 Bulbs
• 2 Ballasts (built-in igniters)
• Wiring Harnesses
• 2 Relays

Each of these components are necessary as they are required to illuminate the xenon gas in the bulbs.

Are HID’s Expensive?

HID lights are generally referred to as top-quality lighting equipment, therefore they will be far more expensive than your regular halogen bulbs. With that being said, you do not have to buy top shelf bulbs as less expensive ones will be able to give you the same benefit as the ones installed in luxury vehicles. Another thing to consider when you are searching for HID Canada lights is to look at online websites as you may be able to find cheaper alternatives for less than regular retail stores.

The Pros and Cons of HID Headlights

If you’ve ever driven on the road you have most likely noticed that some vehicles are equipped with headlights that are so bright that they nearly appear to be blue. These are referred to as HID headlights and the majority of automotive manufacturers install them on their luxury and exotic vehicles. There are also other individuals who take it upon themselves to install these headlights on their cars to either make them look better or to give then a better sense of vision while driving at night. With that being said, there are both pros and cons associated with having HID headlights.

What are HID Headlights?

HID headlights are more formally known as high-intensity discharge lights and they are a new type of light that began appearing on luxury model vehicles in the 1990s. The majority of cars are equipped with traditional halogen headlights that require the use of filament (much like the ones used in our homes) and they are generally more yellow in color. In comparison to those lights, HID headlights are essentially fluorescent, creating an incredibly intense blue/white light.

The Benefits of HID Headlights

The largest benefit associated with having these lights installed on your vehicle is in regards to your safety. Driving at night can be a difficult feat, even if you are an incredibly skilled driver. You may want to consider purchasing HID lights for your car if you frequently take road trips and back roads without a sufficient source of lighting. Since HID’s are known to be much brighter than traditional halogen bulbs, this can be advantageous to a driver. Also, blue/white lighting is closer to natural daylight in comparison to the glow of a halogen bulb, therefore drivers will have increased visibility at night.

The Disadvantages of HID Headlights

If you are a car owner that is currently living on a strict budget, HID headlights may not be the best choice for you as they are generally rather expensive. If there is ever an instance where one bulb becomes damaged, it costs far more money than a regular halogen bulb to have replaced. Another thing that you may want to consider prior to purchasing HID headlights is that they are difficult to drive with through fog. The blue hue to the lights disperses amongst the water in the air, making the light reflect back to the driver. This can make it quite difficult to see when you require the highest level of visibility possible.

What is the Difference of HID Headlights and LED Headlights?

The majority of vehicles come with halogen headlights and as a car owner, you may be interested in upgrading your vehicle to have better visibility. Therefore you may be considering your options between HID headlights and LED headlights. Although the two are quite popular amongst car enthusiasts, each have their own benefits and their disadvantages. This guide will help to provide you with information pertaining to both HID headlights and LED headlights.

Matching Natural Daylight

One of the main reasons as to why drivers decide to choose HID headlights over traditional halogen bulbs is because they are not only brighter, but they are also closer to the color of natural daylight. In comparison to the yellow hue that is given off from halogen bulbs, HID headlights glow to a blue-white. This color temperature is far closer to the color temperature of natural daylight, thus providing drivers with the most amount of visibility while they are driving at night.

How HID Headlights Work

The construction of the headlight is quite important as it will determine how well your lighting will work. In HID’s, the filament that you would regularly find in halogen bulbs is replaced with gas. The light is emitted when two electrodes are discharged close to one another. In order to ensure that the gas does not overexert itself, each headlight is equipped with a ballast. These ballasts help to control the amount of electricity that is given to the gas capsule to produce a large amount of light, but not an excessive amount.

The Brightness of LED Lights

LED lights are much brighter than traditional halogen bulbs, but they are also less bright than HID headlights. With that being said, LED lights are also less expensive for drivers to obtain. With the combination of an electrical circuit, electromagnetic energy, and photons, LED light is emitted through the headlight to produce a reasonable amount of lighting during the night time. Another benefit associated with LED lights is that they are quite durable, meaning that they will last for an extended period of time without you having to replace them or give them maintenance. Also, LED lights reach their maximum power immediately, in comparison to having to wait for your lights to reach their maximum power. Though, with that being said, they are far less bright than HID headlights and they are not the same color temperature as natural daylight.